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If you're a highly sensitive woman plagued by perfectionism, which holds you back from actually achieving your full potential... then I'm the coach for you.


Being a highly sensitive introverted woman myself, it took me nearly 3 decades on this planet to come into my own. 23 years of struggling with depression and anxiety, years of therapy, coaching, and courses later... here I am: an Expressive Writing Coach, helping you harness the power of writing for setting and achieving meaningful goals.

Being a certified life coach with a background in counselling and group facilitation, I bring a unique understanding of the challenges faced by highly sensitive women.

Through my coaching approach, I blend the transformative power of expressive writing and the principles of goal setting to create a holistic and empowering journey tailored specifically for highly sensitive women like you.

(No previous writing experience is necessary)

For any questions or comments, simply drop me an email on:

- Javeria Fatima Zaidi

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