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Healing Together
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Embrace Your Sensitivity: Join The Waitlist For This Exclusive 4-Week Group Coaching Journey

A Unique Bonding Experience for Highly Sensitive Women

About the Program:

As a highly sensitive woman myself, I understand the need for community, and this programme promises exactly that. Over 8 weeks, you'll join a select group of highly sensitive women in a nurturing and supportive environment. We'll dive deep into the challenges and strengths of being highly sensitive, using expressive writing and shared experiences to guide our journey.

 What You Get:

- Understanding and self-compassion: Explore the depth of your sensitivity and how it shapes your interactions with the world.
-  Tools: Learn strategies to navigate life with grace, drawing from your inner strength.
- A Supportive Community: Connect with fellow sensitive souls, forming bonds that go beyond the programme.
- Personal Growth: Experience a journey of personal development, and guidance to craft your dream life.

Program Details:
- Duration: 8 weeks

- 4 live group sessions

- 2 mini sessions with me, 1:1

- Dedicated Facebook group

- Unlimited email support for the duration of the programme

- Intimate group setting

- Women only
- Investment: £1200 for the full program


Why Join the Waiting List?
- Exclusive Access: Be the first to know when we open for enrollment.
- Early Bird Benefits: Receive special offers and bonuses for early sign-ups.
- Limited Spots: Ensure your place in this intimate group setting.


I offer payment plans, too. Join the waitlist and send me an email on for details on how to pay in instalments.

Thanks for joining the waitlist

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