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A warm welcome to all sensitive women

I'm so thrilled you're here with me!
I’m Javeria Fatima Zaidi, an Expressive Writing Life Coach based in London, UK. My specialty? Guiding highly sensitive women like you.
I believe wholeheartedly in the power of sensitivity, the transformative magic of writing, and the immense potential within each of you to achieve your deepest goals.
In our often overwhelming world, especially for those of us who feel every nuance of life more intensely, having support and understanding isn't just helpful – it's essential.

This is the heart of my coaching.
But it’s not just about setting and achieving goals. It's about harmonising these goals with the unique depth of your values.
My mission: to empower you to navigate life's complexities with both grace and strength.
Through expressive writing, we’ll use your sensitivity as a compass. Together, we'll transform what may seem like hurdles into powerful allies for your personal growth and fulfillment.

Discover more insights and tips on embracing your sensitivity on my blog. Tune into my podcast to hear how other coaches work with highly sensitive people. And if you're curious about how we can work together to spark meaningful change in your life, please explore my coaching services.

Let's start this journey of self-discovery and achievement, together.

My Approach to Expressive Writing Life Coaching

My coaching integrates expressive writing with principles of emotional intelligence and mindfulness to help you navigate life's challenges with love and empathy. It's about finding balance - not being overwhelmed by sensitivity, but using it as a stepping stone. You don't have to lose your essence in the process!

In my sessions, I offer a non-judgmental space where your unique experiences and perspectives are deeply understood and valued. Together, we explore how to embrace and love your sensitive nature as a gift, allowing you to channel the best of yourself into achieving your goals and enriching your life.

Click here to learn more about how my Expressive Writing Life Coaching can support you in transforming your life and harnessing your sensitivity.

Work with Me:-

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FREE Mini Session*

*In exchange for a market research interview

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Clarity Breakthrough Session

2 hours to clarity, transformation, and empowerment

Write Your Success

12 weeks to goal


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Healing Together

Group Coaching Programme (coming soon)

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